Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jason Miller

The first that I heard of Jason Miller's was his 2006 pieces that came equipped with a previous owner's disregard without ever being previously owned: dusty tables, broken mirrors, duct taped chairs, damaged drinking glasses. These are all accomplished not by damaging, but by deliberately incorporating materials that would mimic this disrepair. The pieces of duct tape on the Duct Tape Chair are actually strips of leather added to the upholstery. The broken mirror that appears Scotch taped is actually done entirely in laminated glass. The dust on the tables is actually layered into the finish.

Though those Brooklyn chic pieces hold appeal for me, I'm pleased to see that 2007 brings new inspiration from the crevices of true life. One in particular caught my attention: ceramic wall tiles inspired by the landscape of shipping containers in Newark. His pieces that are just slightly off give me much more satisfaction. I'm hoping to see more subtlety. I feel like he has that potential to make objects that make you feel a little weird instead of just really dirty.

"Shipping Container Tiles," glazed ceramic, 2007

"Superordinate Antler Lamps," table lamp, 2003

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