Monday, November 19, 2007

Cavern Tees

This summer, I became obsessed with the idea that folk inspired graphics were coming up and I was happy to find a duo dubbed Cavern working it out.

"When we first conjured Cavern," says Rivas, "our focus was to make solid, hand-drawn T-shirts."

"Everybody is making the same shit," Tullie says of his competitors, "taking clip art, mixing it up, and slapping it on a T-shirt. There was more to be done."

With references to utopianism and mystic symbols, Rivas and Tullie have set themselves apart with the use of metallic appliques, intelligent cuts, arresting abstract designs, and a complete rejection of camp. The two recently finished a deal with Devandra Banhart, a music favorite of mine, to do merchandise for his next world tour.

More photos here.

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