Monday, March 31, 2008

Stephanie Metz

Stephanie Metz sculpts wool using a felting needle to create some pretty crazy things. My favorite of hers are these teddy bear fetuses:

From her site:
"To make wool into felt I begin with cleaned, brushed wool that has been prepared to be spun into yarn. Instead, I interlock the fibers densely together by stabbing the mass repeatedly with a felting needle (approximately four inches long, very sharp, and studded with barbs). In order to shape a piece I stab the wool all over or in particular directions, compressing the surface and making the felt increasingly dense. The process is extremely time- and labor-intensive, as every centimeter of the piece is stabbed to fasten down parts, add mass, and tighten the surface.
I choose my subject matter in response to the wool itself, in a way. Working with wool has led me to explore concepts of hard and soft, starting within the confines of traditional sculpture subjects."

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